Accident Repairs

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For improved comfort and enjoyment a menu of upgrades are available.

  • Electrical polarity conversion
  • Bespoke hidden music systems
  • DVD satellite Navigation
  • Brake performance upgrades
  • Window lift upgrade using modern motor mechanisms
  • Alarm and central locking to DB cars, including remote window closure
  • Conversions from Left-Hand to Right-Hand drive and vie-versa
  • Complete interior sound and heat proofing
  • Suspension installations, rear shock absorber conversion, uprated front springs and roll bars
  • DB 4, 5, 6 Seat hinge refurbishment

Discrete Speaker Installation

Extra Speakers

Rear Shelf Speaker Installation

Speakers In Rear

Speaker Installation

Speakers In Rear

DVD Satellite Navigation

Stereo Open

Sound Proofing A Rebuilt Car

Glove Box Installation

Kenlowe Fan Upgrade

Larger Cooling Fans

Window Lift Upgrade

left-Hand & Right Hand Conversions

DB4, 5 and 6 Seat HInge Refurbishment

Suspension Kit

Latest News

DBS Engine

Sep 28th 2016

Engine installed in LHD DBS project

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